LSVT LOUD: Training and Certification Course in Greece

Diepistimoniko Kentro Ipeirou & LSVT GLOBAL announce the 
3-day LSVT LOUD® Virtual Live Course for Speech Therapists in
📌3-4-5 November 2023

To sign up for the Training and Certification Course and for more information about the LSVT LOUD, please email us at

    The LSVT LOUD® Training and Certification Course is a program designed to train speech-language pathologists in a voice/speech treatment technique for adults and children with motor speech disorders, with a specialty in Parkinson disease.
The fundamentals underlying key treatment elements, efficacy data supporting treatment outcomes, details of treatment tasks, including hands-on practice, and practical considerations are taught.  Application of the LSVT LOUD® treatment to pediatric and adult motor speech disorders (e.g., multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and stroke) will be discussed.  The impact of LSVT LOUD® treatment on pre/post neural imaging data will be presented.  
    This training is offered for 1.2 ASHA CEUs.
Learning Outcomes

Upon conclusion of this Course, speech-language pathology participants will be able to:
  • Outline the rationale for the treatment of voice in motor speech disorders
  • Identify aspects of Parkinson disease and other neural conditions and the impact these have on voice and speech
  • Explain the rationale for using LSVT LOUD® for Parkinson disease and other pediatric or adult neurological disorders/conditions
  • Describe the key paradigm shifts in LSVT LOUD® rationale and methods
  • Discuss key elements of LSVT LOUD® that are consistent with theories of motor learning and principles of neural plasticity
  • Identify characteristics of adults and children who would most likely benefit from LSVT LOUD®
  • Explain and demonstrate all aspects of LSVT LOUD® including daily tasks, speech hierarchy, and calibration
  • Define recommendations for patient long-term carryover of LSVT LOUD®
  • Explain the benefits of LSVT LOUD® to physicians and other health-care professionals
  • Discuss strategies for insurance coverage for LSVT LOUD®
  • Outline the process for documenting the efficacy of LSVT LOUD® 

LSVT LOUD Training and Certification Provides:
  • Live LSVT LOUD Training and Certification course with training materials
  • 90 days FREE access to the Online LSVT LOUD Training and Certification course to review content after the live course
  • LSVT LOUD Certification upon completion of course and passing exam
  • LSVT LOUD Homework Helper DVD
  • LSVT LOUD Resources Link (downloadable treatment forms, lectures, videos)
  • Listing on the LSVT Global Certified Clinician Database
  • Access to LSVT LOUD discussion forum
  • Access to FREE monthly webinars on advanced LSVT LOUD topics (Live and On Demand Webinars available)
  • Online support from LSVT LOUD experts for clinical questions
  • For those who purchase Bundle Packages, the LSVT Companion System is also included

The LSVT LOUD Course faculty collectively have over 124 years of experience as speech-language pathologists, personally treated over 550 people with PD or other neural disorders using LSVT LOUD, and trained over 10,000 speech clinicians in 54 countries!

Lorraine Olson Ramig, PhD, CCC-SLP
Dr. Ramig received her doctoral degree at Purdue University and master’s degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in communication disorders.  Dr. Ramig is a Research Professor in the Department of Speech-Language and Hearing Science at the University of Colorado-Boulder, a Senior Scientist at the National Center for Voice and Speech (NCVS), located in Denver and an Adjunct Professor at Teachers College, Columbia University in New York City. Dr. Ramig is an internationally recognized scientist with an established research record in the areas of aged and neurological voice disorders.  She has been investigating neurological voice disorders for over 25 years and has authored numerous refereed journal articles and book chapters.

Cynthia Fox, PhD, CCC-SLP
Dr. Fox received her doctorate degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences from the University of Arizona, Tucson.  Dr. Fox is a research associate at the National Center for Voice and Speech and Co-Founder of LSVT Global.  She is an expert on rehabilitation and neuroplasticity and the role of exercise in the improvement of function consequent to neural injury and disease.  Dr. Fox is among the world’s experts in speech treatment for people with Parkinson disease.  She has multiple publications in this area of focus, as well as numerous national and international research and clinical presentations.  Dr. Fox has worked closely with Dr. Ramig for the past 18 years on studies examining the efficacy of LSVT LOUD, the underlying mechanisms of speech disorders in PD, and the application of LSVT LOUD to other disorders (children and adults) and other motor systems (e.g., limb).


The LSVT trademark and other logos appearing within LSVT’s website and on LSVT's literature are registered and unregistered trademarks of LSVT Global, Inc.
Only individuals directly certified by LSVT and who have attended an LSVT Training and Certification Course with specific training in the LSVT modalities of treatment for individuals with speech or movement disorders related to Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders or conditions are entitled to use the LSVT trademarks.  An individual who has attended a Course and received a certificate of LSVT training will be able to use the LSVT trademark to refer to themselves as an “LSVT trained clinician.” Any non-sanctioned use is strictly prohibited.

An LSVT trained clinician will be able to: 
  • Use the LSVT trademark to indicate they are an LSVT trained and certified clinician
  • Use LSVT’s efficacy data to market and support reimbursement of LSVT programs
  • Enroll in the database of LSVT trained clinicians for patient and physician referrals
  • Subscribe to the LSVT listserv
  • Audit future LSVT Training and Certification Courses for reduced fees 

LSVT Global is approved by the Continuing Education Board of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) to provide continuing education activities in speech-language pathology and audiology. See course information for number of ASHA CEUs, instructional level and content area. ASHA CE Provider approval does not imply endorsement of course content, specific products or clinical procedures.

This course is offered for 1.2 CEUs (Advanced level; Professional area)
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